5th Brooklyn Scouts is an all-inclusive Scouting organization. Our mission is to give all children, and their families, equal opportunity to participate in a traditional community Scout program, regardless of their gender, orientation, or beliefs. 5th Brooklyn is based on “back to basics” Scouting, which has a dual focus on service (to family as well as community) and on the outdoors.

5th Brooklyn’s focus is on the outdoors, to give our city kids the chance to experience nature, even as close to home as Prospect Park. The curriculum for all Scouts includes environmental conservation, wildlife recognition, woodcraft, orienteering, first aid/safety and camp skills.

We also emphasize service, both inside and outside the home, which includes volunteer work for all ages as well as a recognition of service done outside the organization. As a group, we have helped to clean up Prospect Park, adopted trees as part of One Million Trees NYC, and participated in community events such as the St Patrick’s Day Parade and Brooklyn Pride. We have also encouraged our Scouts to learn about safety in the community by hosting members of the NYPD and NYFD as well as visiting the local Ambulance Corps.

Older Scouts engage in a more advanced curriculum that teaches history and encourages further civic participation, and have a traditional program of special interest badges to further personal development.

Our oldest Scouts are encourages to participate in self-led programs, both in wilderness exploration and in community involvement (individual volunteer work). All Scouts participate in games, crafts, songs and skits, and also engage in fundraising activities such as bake sales, book sales, paid service (ie. Marathon participation)

The cornerstone activities for 5th Brooklyn are our group camping trips four times annually (once per season), and our weekend activities and outings (monthly). Camping trips are done at nearby campgrounds where Scouts sleep outdoors in tents and participate in training activities including food preparation in the outdoor setting (The exception to this is Winter Camp, which takes place at the Frost Valley YMCA, where Scouts sleep and eat in the facility rather than in the snow outdoors).

Camping trips are inclusive of families, although Timberwolf and older Scouts may attend without parents or guardians. Weekend activities are also based on the outdoors and community involvement, and have included trips to the Wolf Conservation Center in Westchester, day hikes in local parks, a visit to the SIMS Recycling center in Brooklyn, and a trip to Governors Island to visit the compost center and study American military history at Fort Jay

5th Brooklyn has four age-based levels of participation, all of which are co-ed and include both male and female participants and leaders.

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