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Otter Agendas

5th Brooklyn will be posting agendas for sections each week for parents.  Please see below for the Otter agenda for the upcoming week:


Badge Check In – Using the new den binders we will check off what badges and requirements have been completed. – Iguttaq (Liza)
Simon Says or Duck Duck Goose

Introduce Den books and taking attendance

Main Activity
Nature Collage (Green Paw Require. Make a scrapbook about Otters) – Catherine Hui, Craft Parent to lead

Book about trees leading into a discussion about adopting a tree.
Discuss and how each Otter should adopt a street tree with their family.
(Green Paw Require. – Care for a tree for a year)

Den Leader Meeting (this can happen during the Tree story) – Nanuq (Nicky)

Discussion (with Otters and Parents)*
Woodworking project – Aviq (Phil) will lead project, but Ahmeek (Chance) will review

Marathon Bake sale – Sunday Nov. 6 – 6th Ave 10St. 10-12
Woodworking next meeting
Zoo Trip

Clean Up
Black Den


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